MUSE Counselling – Inspire Recovery & Wellbeing Programme – In association with – The Clear Project and the PHA

We are delighted to announce the continued support by The Clear Project and the PHA for our Inspire recovery and wellbeing Programme.

The programme aims to provide psychoeducation and support individuals to reflect on their own ability to manage their mental wellbeing by identifying resilience, inclusion, empowerment, creativity and self awareness through group discussion and creative writing. The project aims to inspire participants to identify resilience that has proved positive for them in the past and they may have disconnected from.

The Programme is for anyone with an interest in enhancing their Mental Health and Wellbeing to help participants recognise their strengths, skills, abilities & resilience. It will encourage them to reconnect with people while also connecting with their creative side. It will also give them hope as they feel encouraged and inspired by others

The programme focuses on the five steps to wellbeing as laid out by the
PHA and the Clear Project,

1. Connect with others
2. Be Active
3. Keep Learning
4. Give to Others
5. Being Mindful & Aware