About Us

MUSE Counselling & Wellbeing Support Service is a collective of amazing people striving to provide essential services.

You can turn your life around today.

Life issues can sometimes feel like ever revolving spirals that are difficult to untangle.

About MUSE

MUSE is a community group set up to support individuals, couples and families rebuilding their lives during/after serving a Custodial Sentence, Probation Order, Juvenile Justice Order or Community Service.

MUSE is based in Derry/L’Derry. We are situated at 88 Duke Street.

You can contact us by using the details on our contact page here. There are a number of way to contact us. You can phone, email or message us.

MUSE offers the following services:

Psychotherapy & Counselling 

Couples Counselling


Family Support

You can find out more about our services by visiting our Services page.

You can keep up to date with us by following our News page, which will include any updates about MUSE and any updates on future projects or seminars that we will be running.